ISI specializes in assembling and wiring all types of industrial electrical enclosures. From HMI stations and Junction Boxes to Motor Control Enclosures and PLC panels, no panel is too big, and no project is too small.

We also offer expansive services that will customize panels and enclosures to meet your needs:

Wiring Harness

ISI can manufacture custom wiring harnesses for a wide variety of applications.

Field Wiring

We complete field wiring in the same professional manner we do in-house; all wires are neatly bundled, tied and routed inside the enclosures. Field installations can include control wiring, power wiring or network communications.

Control Retrofits

ISI can increase the life cycle of an existing asset by modifying existing enclosures with newer equipment as well as upgrading field instruments.

System Upgrades

Our experienced technicians change out control systems with minimal impact on your production schedules.

Custom Nameplates

Our state-of-the-art laser engraving machine can provide your company with precise, tailor-made nameplates.

Custom Control Panels

We design, build, assemble and wire custom electrical control panels and enclosures. Our clients rely on our deep expertise and superior design capabilities.